Halloween Multi Pack
Halloween Multi Pack

Halloween Multi Pack

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These dyes are great to give your products* amazing color and show.

This pack comes with the perfect colors for your spooky creations. Comes with:

Apple Green

Orange Blend

Red Blend

Purple Blend

Licorice Black Blend**

VEGAN friendly

*The true colors of these dyes may not always show in the finished product, but will always give the true color in the water. Please message me with any questions or if you need any help.

Polysorbate 80 is not required but due to the concentration of the dyes, some colors with heavy use may need it to ensure to staining. Please test before selling to ensure good manufacturing practices.

** Although the water turns black it does not color your bath bomb black. It will be a dark green. To get your bath bomb black you will need to add Activated Charcoal or Black Oxide. You will need to add poly 80 for this.